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    March 30, 2017 /  Business Center

    Has it ever occurred to you that a large chunk of your monthly earning goes to meals? You may not be much of an eater but odds are you are some sort of a heavy snack-person. So, here is the thing: there is a difference between the main meals of the day and snacks. Meals have better chance in filling up your stomach for the entire day while snacks can only satisfy you for a short time—they offer temporary relief for that growling gut of yours. In addition, snacking may be an activity formed by habits. You take pop tarts regularly growing up that upon being an adult, you can hardly get through a day without at least one serving of it. On the other hand, meals take time to fix. You are lucky if you have someone to fix you a dinner. If it is the other way around, you might skip meals instead and choose your favorite snacks to fill up your stomach. Or, you could simply pick up your phone and call a restaurant and have your food delivered. It is convenient—and also expensive at the same time. You could not expect your food delivered to your door without tipping the delivery man and pay extra bucks for delivery service now, could you?

    And snacks might have the upper hand for being much, much more affordable. But snacks are usually packed in small amounts; emptying an airy bag of chips so fast would lead to opening up another pack. By the end of the day, you end up needing to restock your kitchen cabinets with more snacks. As a result, your money would be relegated to restocking snacks. On the other hand, regular meals usually need raw ingredients, which could be expensive at times. Vegetables could be costly. A chunk of meat could be costly. And they could be even costlier if you take into consideration how quickly they spoil when stored improperly. Even storing inside a fridge does not guarantee those ingredients will not spoil. They have what is called shelf life—a period it takes for foods to go from their proper edibility to being trash bin fillers. And it is within this shelf life that you should consume those foods—by cooking them. But that seems to be out of question seeing that you would not have problems with saving on snacks in the first place if you are not too lazy to cook for yourself.

    http://www.topcreditcardbase.com/ has a solution for this. You could read an article on the website that suggests you should invest in kitchen appliances that will help you manage your food money. For example, purchasing a slow cooker could help you in that it is able to somewhat extend the shelf life of a chunk of steak meat. Cooked meat is usable for a longer period as compared to raw one—and even more so if you store it back on the fridge after processing. Plus, in doing so, you add more flavors to the meat so you can just throw it in a pan and wait for that browning on its surface before consuming it.

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